The managers of an innovative medium-sized company for solar technology discover that unpublished plans and patents have fallen into the hands of third parties. They suspected that the secret information was channelled over the insufficiently protected corporate network to unknown external parties.

KDM is called in and conducts forensic investigations in which not only this suspicion is confirmed, but it is ascertained that the entire IT infrastructure is not secure, that staff are technically untrained, and that the internal code of conduct for IT usage has never been monitored. The IT system that had been set up with firewall, antivirus software, spam filters and anti-phishing program was completely outdated and flawed. Consequently, data theft was easy.
The KDM IT security check could make a complete assessment of the entire IT infrastructure. The safety and quality of the IT environment was adapted to current IT standards and training for staff was recommended in order to make the best possible use of them, because the best security chain has a very crucial weakest link: The human being!

Training and awareness in the use of IT technology is as important as the establishment of user rules and regular inspections.

Do you know that an unmonitored company agreement on the use of Internet and e-mail is not legally valid for its IT users?

KDM has a team of highly qualified IT experts who advises companies, investigates and clarifies.

Our ServicesSecurity consulting

  • Vulnerability and risk analysis
  • Concept development and implementation
  • Forensic investigations
  • Production of evidence to be used in court
  • Employee training