Is security a part of your corporate philosophy?

Whether data theft or industrial espionage – sooner or later every business is confronted with criminal acts. As a result, experts estimate that this causes damages of at least €20 billion annually in Germany.

Preventing criminal acts is also on the agenda of management boards and directors, not least in order to prevent potential damage to their reputation.

KDM Security Consulting developed the Security Quality Management (SQM) concept many years ago.

This is a package comprised of finely tuned security measures in personal, organisational and material/technical areas. It is an individually tailored product that protects a company’s interests, maintains corporate values and guarantees your future success. This also relates to protection of your in-house corporate know-how.

Our services:

  • Risk analysis
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Development and implementation of security measures in procedures and processes
  • he security measures

Further information:


Security Quality Management
“Principles and procedures for comprehensive corporate security”
Klaus-Dieter Matschke, published by SecuMedia Verlags-GmbH in 1995
2nd edition, 1999