The CEO of a DAX company believes that he is being spied on and fears an act of violent extortion against himself and his family. KDM makes a risk analysis in his environment and can refute the suspicion. In a final counselling, individual recommendations for preventive protective measures are given. The all-clear lifts fears; he puts the advices into practice and his family can feel safe at last.

Do you think it will not happen to me,
but only to big ones?
Do you think that the state will protect
you if you feel threatened?

“Preventive services in this area are not in our list of tasks. Police only intervene in the case of an actual threat,” said Boris Rhein, Hessen’s  Interior Minister.
Studies of the Federal Criminal Police Office have shown that potential victims could also be senior executives of medium-sized enterprises with name recognition at local or regional level – and their relatives.

The KDM-investigators provide you with security.

Our Services:

  • Background investigation
  • Safety check with accurate threat and risk analysis, and individual coaching
  • Property and personal security through clarification and counter-surveillance