The program CDs of an international renowned IT company have been faked and are being sold on the German market. The buyers can not log in with the printed license number. The software company is struggling with persistent customer complaints and searches in vain for the culprit. KDM is called in. The investigators manage to trace the shipping routes and identify the illegal production facilities in Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The counterfeiters are arrested and the illicit trade is brought to an end.

Do you know which of your products is being counterfeited?
How high is the annual damage you incur through counterfeiting?

With its strong international network, KDM’s expert team can detect counterfeiting and track the criminals, production facilities and distribution channels behind it. We have excellent cooperation with foreign authorities in the main production areas of Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey.

Our Services:

  • Non-binding initial consultation
  • Worldwide research and investigation:
    • counterfeit drugs, brands and products
    • distribution channels
    • illegal production premises
    • offenders
  • Preparation of evidence to be used in court
  • Court testimony by experienced investigators
  • Crisis and reputation management