The Frankfurt subsidiary of a medium-sized company develops substantially more weakly than expected. The local management can explain only partially the situation. The auditors confirm high expenses which seem, however, at first sight properly booked and plausibly. The case, nevertheless, seems to the company owner suspicious, and he connects KDM.

The investigation confirms that the high sales discounts flow back as a kick forecastle to the sales manager who are banked purchase prices, and the chief buyer undertakes for it regularly luxurious trips at the expenses of the suppliers. Also the manager is very active in own case. All invoices for the repair of his private house were adapted accordingly and booked as company expenses. The proofs will hand over from KDM court-usably to the client. After the consultation with sollicitors and KDM experts, the client decides to refund no announcement, makes a compromise with the disloyal managers, so that these have to replace the damage partially and leave the company immediately. Silence is also agreed. Afterwards KDM discusses the client on safety measures to bend forward such abuse, or to recognise dolose actions on time.

How do you check the company expenses?

How does purchasing and distribution follow with you?
Are your employees loyal?

KDM helps you to protect success and profit of your company on a continuing basis.

Our performances

  • Statement and investigation of suspicious business transactions (also border-covering)
  • IT-Forensic
  • Court-usable documentation of the results of the determination
  • Consultation by the processing and reputation management