A medium-sized company in south Germany manufactured drill heads for boring machines that were destined for Iran. Customs officials confiscated all of the goods due to their suspicion that the shipment was to be used in the manufacture of artillery. Such weaponry belongs to the category of conventional arms. Prosecution’s elaborate investigations, costly court proceedings and presumably large financial damage for the company were the result. Media reported nationwide, the reputational damage was immense.

The export of prohibited goods can pose large and personal risks for a company´s management as illegal exports are punishable. Classic ammunitions and seemingly harmless civil technologies (Dual-Use-Goods) can have considerable implications for Germany’s security interests and its foreign-policy reputation. Accordingly the impending sanctions for contravening foreign trade regulations are severe. The export of goods as well as the Know-how Transfer requires an exactly understanding of the applicable legal framework and the latest embargo rules.
Foreign trade regulations represent the implemented foreign policy of the European Union and Germany.

Are you aware of the actual recipient of your goods?

KDM review the process from offer to the shipment to identify internal deficiencies. We analyze the goods, the client and the recipient country, national and international regulations as well as the current foreign-policy situation for you individually. Our international experts advise you on the entire process of your export business. Our aim is to protect your company from unknowingly contravening foreign trade regulations and reduce the risk of false details in the end user certificates.

Our Services:

  • Review of your export business
  • Complement your compliance regulations
  • Review of the ability to export in accordance with the regulations
  • Clarification on your trade partners and potential trade routes
  • Consultation on urgent problematic cases
  • Subject-specific investigations