The manager of a trading house is sent to Mexico City.

Prepared for the risks of the country, he acts wisely and remains inconspicuous. One day he notices that he is being surveilled and feels tense. By using techniques practised in vigilance training, he keeps his composure and acts prudently and so manages to escape his pursuers. He discusses the events with a KDM-consultant. They decide that the Manager should change his vehicle, as a diversionary manoeuvre and move into a safe-house. He continues his daily work in a normal way and avoids routines. Surveillance tests conducted together with a local partner show that the measures have been successful. The danger has been averted.

Is your staff prepared for the dangers of an
assignment abroad?
Do you know if they will remain stable and able to
act under difficult conditions ?

According to the KDM-definition, a high-risk country is one in which there is a higher probability of danger or threat. In our view, this includes certain countries inSouth America, Asia and Africa and some Eastern European countries.

In crisis regions there is acute or persistent danger. The people there are threatened by environmental disasters, wars, warlike conditions or violence between radical groups and criminals.

Staying in a crisis region can cause mental strain. The journey to a high-risk country is stressful. Proper selection and preparation of staff is therefore critical to business success.

In an information society, attention is the primary resource. KDM’s vigilance training increases the ability to identify hazards and then act appropriately.

Each training is tailored to your needs. We always take into account the current situation of the host country.

Our goals:

  • Preparing employees for foreign assignments in high-risk countries or areas of conflict
  • Strengthening their own skills and confidence in their employer
  • Ability to perform also under difficult conditions
  • Successful performance of their business contract
  • Protection of employees and their families abroad
  • Avoiding mental stress after exposure to extreme situations