It was a rude awakening at the Munich trade fair. Employees of a manufacturer of exclusive high-end record players discovered devices with their patented magnetic bearing which had been duplicated to the millimetre. The same product was being offered at half-price – the Chinese providers had saved years of development costs by accessing the secret data illegally.

Is your business safe from data theft

Did you know that according to the German Act on Corporate Control and Transparency, managing directors and CIOs must ensure the complete protection of corporate data, and that CEOs of poorly secured enterprises risk fines and imprisonment?

German companies and banks are regularly victims of eavesdropping attacks – intrigues, traps, spy scandals. Competitors and intelligence agencies are active in order to gain access to quality information.

Most companies believe that their IT department can ward off information and data theft with high-end firewalls and expensive anti-virus programs. These are, however, unable to protect against sophisticated eavesdropping and malicious programs. Serious security vulnerabilities are to be found particularly in small and medium-sized companies. Data theft, hacking, industrial espionage or malware are just some of the dreaded worst case scenarios that can result from IT weaknesses. Risk management is therefore more necessary than ever – and also helps to ensure your own personal safety.

Our Services:

  • With its team of qualified specialists, KDM provides you with extensive and competent investigations on technical tapping protection – and appropriate solutions.
  • We employ exclusively experts with subject-specific training, expertise and many years of relevant professional experience.
  • We are distinguished by our extremely discreet approach and knowledge about the most current widespread and innovative techniques of attack and interception.
  • We offer following examinations for protection against eavesdropping:

Vulnerability analysis

  • Examination of telecommunications and information systems as to their security from eavesdropping
  • Examination of persons as to their security from eavesdropping
  • Inspection of buildings and vehicles as to their security from eavesdropping


  • Preventive measures
  • Installation of technological measures to protect against eavesdropping
  • Investigations
  • Detection of suspicious listening devices
  • Crime resolution

Results of investigations

  • Reports – analysis
  • Reports that can stand up in court