A well-known food chain wants to buy land in Poland in order to open a supermarket. Due to the many authorities who are supposedly competent, negotiations about contract of purchase and building permit seem to be impossible.
The KDM is called in, finds out the right contact person, makes a market analysis of the region and clarifies whether there are already other competitors. The supermarket is then finally built.

Do you also face the difficult task of having to make far-reaching business decisions without having sufficient information?

KDM researches and advises you in the tapping into new markets abroad.

Our Services:

  • Protection from potential investment risks in unfamiliar markets
  • Examining potential new business partners abroad, their solvency and credibility
  • Background research on the economic, political and social realities of a country and on potential business partners
  • Background research: Infrastructure, technology standard, media landscape, organized crime, ethnic issues
  • Assessment of the risk potential of product sites
  • Inspection of premises and protection