A car manufacturer falls prey to negative publicity. Nationwide, non-stop headlines decry quality problems and subsequent product recalls. The media uproar does not fail to leave its mark. In a survey, German car owners show themselves critical of the brand, even if their own car from the same manufacturer functions perfectly.
With increasing frequency, companies and executives need to fight for their reputation when bad news about them are spread in the media and on the Internet. Due to the power of the media and the Internet, a “good reputation” can be completely destroyed in a short time. The company’s image comes under fire and a crisis brews up which not only causes financial and personal damage, but also threatens the company’s very existence.

How do you protect your image?
Do you have emergency measures in store for the event of crisis?

In every crisis lies an opportunity – an opportunity we use for you and your business. KDM has many years of experience, an excellent media network, and can detect and control the issues that are crucial to you.

Our Services:

  • Individual counselling
  • Control of internal and external communication
  • Communication interventio
  • Crisis communication
  • Reputation management
  • Web 2.0/Blog screening
  • Research
  • Investigation

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