Professionals for security and investigation

The range of services of the KDM Group defines by global detection and investigation of economic crime within a corporate environment, crisis management, investment review and the preventive security consulting. We support executives and companies.
Whether business, law, forensic science or IT, KDM combines safety experts from all relevant disciplines and associates key responsibilities that way. Interdisciplinary thinking and handling is a feature of us. Our integrated approach ensures individually tailored concepts, from prevention to comprehensive tracking and investigation of a claim. This applies to all forms of economic crime.
No matter what it is, we help you quick, competent and discreet, because security is a matter of trust. In our experience acquired in over 30 years and our global connections you can relay on.

A task for specialists

The sensitive issue of “corporate security” belongs to the hands of specialists. The KDM-team consists of experts who have gathered professional experience with various state police authorities, the Federal Criminal Police, customs, financial police, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and intelligence services as well as in the area of safety technology. Our staff also includes well-known lawyers. In addition, we collaborate with tax consultants, accountants and business lawyers who provide us with advice on all relevant issues. Neither national nor bureaucratic boundaries are obstacles for us. We have worked for many years now with national and international partners and also with law enforcement agencies – if the case required so. Both large enterprises and medium-sized businesses in the industrial, banking and insurance sectors have long known the value of our precise help. Our solutions are such diverse as our customers and their needs. Our tailored concepts, based on thorough research and profound expertise, are guided by the specific security needs of the contracting company and always bear cost-effectiveness in mind.